“I only joined so I could do an activity with my son. But, earning my black belt was the best day of my life!"

“My son was able to stop the bullying with just his words. The one time he had to get physical, he was able to handle things quickly and confidently”.

“I thought I was too old and too overweight to ever get good at this. Now I don't know why I waited.”.

Imagine if you could set ANY goal for yourself, and find the inner willpower to achieve it! What would YOU change?

Center Martial Arts is a faith based, non-profit family martial arts ministry located at Grace Community Church in Roswell, NM.

The Vision of Center Martial Arts is simple. We want to build a better YOU!

We do this through the life-transforming platform of CMA Systema martial arts. We are a family martial arts club that ministers one to another through God’s Holy Spirit by the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Our martial skill training is world class, using a system that has been adapted by secret service organizations, military, law enforcement, and private security companies across the world. Ours is a holistic martial art founded in Systema, a natural reaction, movement based martial art from Russia.

Our philosophy is to apply the principles and physical kinesiological lessons found in Systema to all of life. The results are the mastery of personal fear, the strengthening of our bodies, the development of real personal discipline, focus, and confidence; and the ability to protect ourselves, our assets, and those whom we love.

Our methodology is simple as well. Come to class. Train hard. Apply the lessons to all of your life. Make friends. Take responsibility for your own growth and the growth of others. Earn a black belt.

Systema is a non-technique philosophy of fighting and living. This is a rare and unique approach which allows Center Martial Arts to achieve it’s ultimate goal - Faith based martial arts ministries in cities and towns across the nation. In order to realize such a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, it was necessary to create a system that gives a turn-key framework for establishing the ministry program. It also needed to give persons with existing martial arts skills the ability to jump right in. In other words, it could not be style-specific as there are just about as many different styles in this nation as there are churches.

Whether you are inquiring into the benefits of the martial artist lifestyle for the first time, or you are an experienced veteran looking for a proven strategy to develop your own ministry club, WE ARE GLAD TO MEET YOU. With your presence, our martial arts family has gotten better. Welcome to CENTER MARTIAL ARTS!

“I wanted discipline for me and my daughter, but I wanted her to have fun aLso. We're having a blast, and we both are getting more focused."